NIFTYS is run by its Managing Director Sony Kapoor, an influential economist, and a sustainability and development expert whose career spans the private sector, civil society and policymaking across several countries. He has a two-decade long track record of success in tackling public policy and business challenges through original research, strategic advice, targeted advocacy, launching new ventures and building coalitions.

His leadership in tackling the Eurocrisis and promotion of financial reform has been widely recognised. The World Economic Forum and Friends of Europe honoured him as a Young Global Leader and a European Young Leader. He was also inducted as a fellow by the Royal Society of Arts Commerce and Manufactures (RSA) and awarded an honorary fellowship by George Soros, the Chairman of Open Society Foundations.

As Managing Director of RE-DEFINE, an international think tank, Sony has advised key policymakers and businesses around the world on economic policy, finance, sustainability and development. He has also served as a strategy adviser and policy expert for several governments such as Norway, Germany and India and advised financial firms including asset managers, sovereign wealth funds, fintechs and banks on asset allocation, governance and strategy.

An ex investment banker, Sony also ran a macroeconomic consultancy and was elected the first chairman of the European Banking Authority’s Banking Stakeholder Group. He has been a Visiting Scholar at the IMF twice, has had a number of multidisciplinary roles at the London School of Economics and has been an expert adviser to the European Parliament and the European Commission on the Eurocrisis and financial reform. He was also a Special Adviser to the UN on green finance and an expert adviser to the OECD on development finance.

Mr Kapoor is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology and the London School of Economics and now lives in Oslo where he is Managing Director of NIFTYS, the Nordic Institute for Finance, Technology and Sustainability.

NIFTYS has an Advisory Board and a small team based in Oslo.